Let it begin..


Hello World,

I really don’t know how to start this yet I know I will get this going. In my leisure time I’d be blogging, putting humorous touch on my posts.

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The Petite Damsel

Real Magic in Her

She was a ship with a soul that was half tied to the shore and half to the anchor.
She counted her flaws and didn’t have any fingers left for strengths.
She looked at the mirror and saw only her scars.
She noted her disappointments and forgot her blessings.
She needed someone to remind her that she was a Universe in herself.
She didn’t want love but she wanted to be loved.
She got wise and swapped the Prince in her fairy-tale for a Warrior in Armour.
She learnt it was the warrior who set her mind and soul free.
She wore strength and darkness equally well.
She was a girl that was half goddess, half hell.
She opened her wings and soar higher than the tower where her mind was imprisoned.
In a sky full of stars, he was staring at her.
It was real magic that made her find herself.
She was a girl who read by the flashlight,
                          who saw dragons in the cloud
                          who felt most alive in the world that never was
                          who knew magic is real
                           who dreamed.
She found herself from the treacherous path of life.
And he found a new universe in Her!

My Queens, in this chaotic world, don’t forget to find yourselves!

The Petite Damsel